Saphir Beauté Du Cuir

Edge Dressing & Renovating Cream


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Edge-dress your soles with ease using Saphir Dressing Renovating Cream. With this revolutionary resin-based formula, you can even the scuffs, scratches, cigarette burns, and other inconsistencies to revive the colour and finish of the leather’s natural finish. In addition to reviving your favourite leather shoes, you can use Saphir Dressing Renovating Cream to put new life into leather clothing, wallets, and even your furniture. Mix colour pigments to create a custom-colour match and forget about retiring your leather goods for many more years to come. Saphir Dressing Renovating Cream makes it easy to make a positive impression without having to buy new leather every time you want to do so.

  • Available in several popular colours
  • Mix and match for a custom treatment
  • Made in France
  • Always test on a hidden part before use