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Polishing Brush

$47.00 AUD
Natural Horsehair Brush

from $37.00 AUD
Pommadier Brush

$24.00 AUD
Natural Horsehair Brush - Oval

$26.00 AUD
Applicator Brush - Small

$18.00 AUD
Polishing Brush - Small

$17.00 AUD
Gommadin Suede Eraser

$26.00 AUD
Applicator Brush - Large

$39.00 AUD
Brass Suede Brush

$20.00 AUD
Deer Polishing Bone

$35.00 AUD
Wool Shining Pads

$30.00 AUD $35.00 AUD
Sleeking Bone

$19.00 AUD

Shoe Polishing Brushes

Using the right leather shoe brush can be vital in protecting the outer layers of your footwear to ensure that you are treating the delicate materials with the care and protection they require, rather than unintentionally causing additional wear and tear.

The proper collection of tools for shoe cleaning should include a shoe brush to remove any dust and dirt as well as a dedicated shoe polish brush to apply waxes and polishes for a protected and long-lasting finish. At Bootblack, we pride ourselves on delivering our customers with the finest shoe cleaning products to protect and enhance their footwear for years to come.

Delivering the finest quality shoe brush products in Australia

From the finest natural horsehair to leather shining pads and gloves, Bootblack offers you a range of quality shoe brush products that are ideal for protecting the most delicate leathers and the most sensitive suedes to ensure that your shoes are always cleaned and polished to perfection.

We understand the importance of using a leather shoe brush that will protect your footwear and with over 90 years of experience in maintaining some of the world’s finest leathers, we are confident that we can deliver you the kind of quality product that you have been searching for.  

Unrivalled in Australia for shoe polishing excellence

We are proud to deliver Australia’s finest collection of quality cleaning and polishing products for shoes. A shoe polish brush that is suited specifically to the leather you are caring for can be unrivalled in producing the kind of quality results that your shoes deserve.

If you have been searching for just the right balance in maintaining your favourite footwear, a visit to Bootblack presents you with Australia’s largest collection of premium shoe protection along with the appropriate tools, delivered directly to your door.