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$15.00 AUD
Juvacuir 75ml

$27.00 AUD

Leather Shoe Dye

There are not many things as disappointing as when your favourite pair of shoes begins losing their rich colour. Fading fabric and leather occurs naturally over time as your shoes undergo everyday wear and tear. Luckily, there are ways to bring vibrancy back to your shoes with our liquid dye and colour restoration products. 

Liquid shoe dye for all types of footwear

Whether smooth or velvety leather, suede or nubuck, bring the colour back to your shoes with just one bottle of Saphir leather dye from Bootblack. Saphir is one of the world’s most distinguished high-end footwear product brands and their leather shoe dye products retain the same exceptional quality. 

Pick your colour of choice from their impressive range online to rebrand your favourite pair of faded shoes. Alternatively, strip away the existing colour of your shoes with their Lightening Base and add your chosen dye to create your own shade. From deep black, to dark brown and white, find the best leather shoe dyes in Australia to rejuvenate your footwear.

Restore the leather’s natural colour

In addition to our impeccable leather shoe dye, we also stock products that help refurbish the original colour of your leather shoes. Containing beeswax, neatsfoot oil and concentrated pigments, Juvacuir Saphir is a liquid colourant created to restore the vibrancy and colour of leather items. 

Bringing your leather shoes back to their former glory is as simple as removing excess dirt from your shoes and applying the restoration liquid with a high-quality cloth. Even during your regular shoe cleaning sessions with polish, cleaning products and brushes, Juvacuir Saphir will not rub off easily. 

Browse our range of leather shoe dye and shoe restoration liquids to rejuvenate the richness of your shoes. Made from the finest natural materials, all of our Saphir Medaille d’Or products were created to protect and prolong the life of your favourite shoes. 

For any questions regarding our range of premium footwear products, reach out to our team of experts today.