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Shoe Trees

Cedar Shoe Tree

$105.00 AUD
Black Edition Pointed Shoe Tree

$105.00 AUD

Whether you’re travelling with your shoes, storing them or want to make polishing and cleaning easier, a shoe tree makes shoe maintenance and care as simple as can be.

A pair of shoe trees are a vital accessory to protect your oxfords, brogues and boots from becoming misshapen over time. Especially when shoes have been worn all day and exposed to moisture, the leather can conform to a distorted shape, ruining the profile of the shoe. By using a shoe tree and storing in a shoe bag when travelling or storing your footwear, you can prevent leather cracking, shoes losing their shape and extend the life of your favourite pair.

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Fabricated from a beautiful two tone colour section of the cedar tree, the Saphir Beauté Du Cuir Sold Cedar Shoe Tree is ideal for protecting the shape of your shoes during storage or whilst you travel. Each tree is shaped from one solid piece of wood to create maximum strength and reliability every time you use it. For a lightweight option that’s perfect for travel, our rubberwood Black Edition Pointed Shoe Tree conforms to the shape of modern shoe designs and won’t weigh down your luggage. 

The benefits of a wooden or cedar shoe tree go beyond their use for maintaining the shape of your shoes. They are also excellent at absorbing moisture and any odours – allowing you to really step in comfort and luxury every time you put on your best shoes.

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Bootblack are proud to bring the excellence of French shoe care house Saphir to Australian shores, offering local delivery, advice and support to Australian shoe lovers. From shoe trees to polishes, shoe horns to brushes, we carry an extensive range of leather and shoe care accessories no footwear connoisseur will want to be without.