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Wax Polish

Pate De Luxe 50ml

$18.00 AUD
Mirror Gloss Polish 75ml

$37.00 AUD
Pate De Luxe 100ml

$33.00 AUD
Colour Chart

$15.00 AUD
Dubbin Grease 100ml

$33.00 AUD
Everest Dubbin 100ml

$20.00 AUD
Wax Softener 75ml

$28.00 AUD

Leather Shoe Wax Polish

Delivering over 90 years of expert leather care to the Australian market, Bootblack is proud to be Australia’s largest retailer of the finest quality shoe polish in Australia.

Inspired by the award winning excellence of Saphir Medialle d’Or products our collection of leather wax and leather shoe polish is uniquely designed to protect even the finest quality and most delicate shoe leathers in the world.

The right products for the longest life for your footwear

Using high-quality leather wax together with the right shoe polishing tools is vital for extending the lifespan of your leather shoes. With the right leather shoe polish, one can protect the outer layer of their leather shoes from wear and tear while maintaining a well-buffed and polished shine.

The benefits of using shoe polish in Australia that is globally renowned for its superior quality come from the lasting shine it provides, meaning less time polishing for continuing style. A pair of leather shoes which are correctly cared for can provide the kind of continuing polished look that is resistant to fading and less polishing means less wear and tear on your footwear.

Industry leaders in leather shoe polish

Bootblack is a specialist in leather wax and shoe polish in Australia who can confidently offer the intricate expertise that is needed for the finest advice and products available in shoe care today.

We are a proud industry leader in leather shoe polish and all associated products. The quality of our polishes and cleaning tools is unmistakable in producing the finest finishes available for maintaining shoe leather for the longest possible lifespan.

Consult the experts at Bootblack today and browse our collection for the finest leather shoe polish and wax products in the global market. Set a premium standard of care for your footwear and order today.