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Reptan 50ml

$33.00 AUD
Foam Cleaner 200ml

$33.00 AUD
Sneaker Sole Restorer

$18.00 AUD
Delicate Cream 50ml

$25.00 AUD
Technical Cleaning Cloths

$20.00 AUD
Wax Softener 75ml

$27.00 AUD
Sneaker Cleaner

$20.00 AUD
Deep Cleaner 100ml

$35.00 AUD
Sneaker Kit

$70.00 AUD
Sneaker Rescue

$17.00 AUD
Sneaker Wipes

$17.00 AUD

Leather Shoe Cleaning Products

It is widely accepted that a person’s footwear reveals a lot about their character. Make sure your shoes do yourself justice and take the time to keep them in exceptional condition. 

Stemming from military dress standards, a variety of leather shoe cleaners hit the market after World War I, and beautifully polished footwear has stayed in fashion since. 

Rediscover the lost art of shoe polishing with our premium leather cleaning products.

Cloths— Able to be used as a buffer or a polisher with any type of wax or refinishing treatment, our 100% cotton cloths can be kept in your desk drawer or glove compartment for quick touch-ups. 

Shoe polish — A mainstay of leather cleaning products, we stock wax, cream, and oil polishes for a variety of purposes. From removing a deep build-up of grease to delicately erasing scuffs or applying a stunning coat of sheen, our exclusive collection will make light work of any polishing task. 

Shoe cleaning kit — Ideal if you need to tackle multiple finishes or are looking to purchase a gift, we also provide a multipurpose shoe cleaning kit for cleaning, polishing, and refreshing colour. 

Whether you want luggage, jacket, boots, saddle, or sneaker cleaner, the concentrated, natural formulas of our leather cleaning products will restore and revitalise. 

Experience the best

Made in France, Saphir products offer exceptional waterproofing protection and will provide you with the long-lasting, unmistakable scent of rich, authentic leather without the use of harmful silicones, resins, or petroleum. 

With original, natural ingredients steeped in tradition, our unprecedented selection of leather cleaning products offers optimal sheen, deep colour saturation, and long lasting protection.

To keep your leather in the best nick possible and shop our range of premium polishes and other shoe cleaning products today.