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Saphir Médaille d'Or 1925

Mirror Gloss Polish 75ml

Made with hard waxes like carnauba and beeswax, this exceptional mirror gloss promises better-than-average shine with little effort on your part. Just apply a few thin layers of the mirror gloss on your favourite pair of shoes, let them dry, and you’ll be ready for a power day in the office or a memorable night out on the town.

  • Intended for glazing of the hard parts of the shoe, tips and stiffener, excluding the areas where the leather folds
  • Available in both Black and Neutral Colours
  • No experience necessary
  • Made in France
  • Test in a hidden area before use

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Kagan Dokumcu
Great Product

Very easy to produce a mirror shine

Danny Duggan
The best polish

The Saphir Mirror Gloss Polish is the best I’ve used you don’t need a lot to bring your shoes to a nice mirror finish. It will last you a long time and it has a nice smell that isn’t to strong, it’s good value for money. I totally recommend this product.

Tony Waters

Great product

Malcolm Smith

Mirror Gloss Polish 75ml

Alex Schramko
Easy Mirror shine

This wax gives an amazing depth of shine to the toe of your shoes.

It almost looks like a glass coating. Thoroughly recommend this.