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Saphir Médaille d'Or 1925

Omni-Nettoyant Suede Multicleaner 100ml

Saphir Omni-Nettoyant Suede Multicleaner allows you to clean and remove stains from your nubuck, suede, and textiles so you always have a fresh look when stepping outside. Remove accumulated dirt and create a luxurious finish with each treatment. Count on years of extra life from each pair of shoes or other leather goods after applying Saphir Omni-Nettoyant Suede Multicleaner. Simply brush your leather with this unique formula and let it thoroughly dry before dressing up for the day. With ease of use, fast action, and professional results, you simply can’t go wrong when using this extraordinary suede multicleaner by Saphir.

  • Perfect for Nubuck, Suede, and Crepe
  • Refreshes original colour of material
  • Made in France
  • Always test on a hidden part before use

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Charles McCafferty
Definitely worth it!

I would consider a few things essential to owning a pair of quality suede shoes. A good suede brush, a suede eraser, a waterproofing spray, and this. This cleaner can bring back old suede from the brink. Highly recommended!

Simon Restifa

Worked really well

Luke Manos

Omni-Nettoyant Suede Multicleaner 100ml

Jared Frampton

Omni-Nettoyant Suede Multicleaner 100ml

Robert Ho
Suede Cleaner Serious Level >9000

A very strong cleaner for my beige military styled suede boots. It effectively removed residual black shoe polish that accidentally got on the suede via a brush which is I used for buffing wax polish off leather shoes.

You only need 1 parts ON Suede Multicleaner to 2 parts water (Translation: 2 capfuls of ONSM and 4 capfuls of water). That was enough for the left and right boot and even then I thought it took a way a bit of the boot's original colour.

I easily fixed that with Saphir Suede Nubuck Renovateur afterwards. Perhaps Bootblack can look at stocking that.