Saphir Médaille d'Or 1925

Mink Oil Polish 75ml

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Breathe new life into your leather shoes with Saphir Medaille d’Or Mink Oil Polish, a rehydrating balm for dried leather. This unguent works like a grease to soften and protect your leather and because the product made of rich mink oil, this formula isn’t greasy and won’t transfer to other surfaces. Nourishing your cherished leather shoes with Saphir Medaille d’Or Mink Oil Polish makes it easy to maintain a luxurious, high-quality finish that is worthy of admiration.

  • Quick 5-10 minute absorption time
  • Made of 100% pure oil
  • Made in France
  • Test before on a hidden part because the product can slightly darken the colour of the leather
  • Do not use on fragile leather like Nappa