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Basic Shoe Care Guide

The fastest and easiest way to restore shoes to a great shine is with the basic shoe care routine.


Tools Required

- Horsehair Brush

- Cotton Polishing Cloth

- Renovateur

- Polishing Brush

- Pommadier


STEP 1: Brush Cleaning

This step is the same regardless which shoe care routine you will be following.


Prior to any leather maintenance, it is a good idea to remove any loose or stuck-on dirt. You can use any brush, but typically a large horsehair brush is soft enough to prevent any minor scratching. Any stubborn marks should be removed with warm water and leather allowed to dry completely prior to any further maintenance.  


STEP 2: Rejuvenation

Leather conditioning with the Saphir Médaille D'or Renovateur helps keep the leather soft, supple and prevent cracking.


Apply in a circular motion using a polishing cloth. Leave for a minimum of 5 minutes (the longer the better) and buff using a stiff bristle polishing brush or polishing cloth. Creases and cracks in the leather will ‘fill out’ as the moisture in the leather is restored.


STEP 3: Cream Polish

Application of the Saphir Médaille D'or Pommadier cream polish helps further condition, saturate the colour and build a protective wax finish. You may require anywhere from 1-3 applications of cream polish to achieve your preferred colour saturation.


Apply a thin coat in a circular motion using a soft cloth. Allow to dry 3-5 minutes then buff with a polishing brush.


NOTE: Colour Matching

In regards to the colour, we sell a colour chart that makes it easy to match any shoe to a Saphir brand polish otherwise, the neutral polish is a great choice.