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The Medaille d'Or line received its name from the Medaille d'Or medal it received in 1925. It is made from all natural products including pine-based turpentine, lanolin, beeswax, mink oil and carnauba wax. The formula has not changed since 1925.

The Beaute du Cuir range is a more modern day creation by the same supplier. This range is still a Saphir product but cannot technically be classified as MDO as they use ingredients that were not available in 1925 orused in the original line. The BDC line was created as an extension to the Saphir range as it is more suited for closed-pore or shiny leathers which are less inclined to absorb the high-concentrations of waxes/oils in the MDO range. 

Shoe polish can be used indefinitely. Over time you may notice the cream or wax drying out, but it is still safe to use.

Yes, shoe polish does not expire. You may find that the pigment is now more intense.

If you prefer not to use wax that has cracked and dried out, we now offer a wax softener that can restore the lost moisture.

The easiest way to keep your shoe polish in great condition is to ensure an airtight seal on the container. It also doesn’t hurt to keep it in a cool, dark place.

Wax Polish

- Due to the hard waxes, it is typically applied to the hard areas of the shoe like the toe box and heal.

- If applied over the whole shoe, too much wax over a period of time can build up in the creases. This can result in "white"creases. 

- White creases can be removed by rebuffing the shoe. Heat generated from buffing results in the wax softening and spreading out again.

- Wax polishes can achieve a high gloss or even a mirror finish.


Cream Polish

- Typically applied to the whole shoe, neutral is great but without pigment minor scuffs and scratches may still be visible.

- It is easier to mix creams to make unique/custom colours. 

- Only contains very small amounts of wax so you will not achieve the same shine as a wax. 

- Can provide a more matte finish but you can still achieve a nice shine when buffing.


Wax & Cream

- The colour pigmentation in all of the Saphir products is very mild. You can easily brighten and hide minor damage with the leather in just a few very thin coats of the polish. 

- A deeper, more dramatic look can be achieved with 4+ coats.Just make sure that you wait for the polish to dry and you buff between coats.

- Shine can be restored to both polishes by rebuffing the shoes.When the shine starts to fade, that is time to reapply the polish.

The mink oil used by Saphir is 100% pure sustainable, refined mink oil with no waxes. Saphir certifies that the mink oil they use is made with raw material sourced from Finland where fur farming is strictly regulated by law. The Finnish Furbreeders Association, part of a larger EU Fur Association, has developed its own national certification program which address animal health and welfare. The certification follows the quality management standardised as defined by the ISO 9001 and is monitored by Norske Veritas, a Norwegian company that specialises in the management of global certifications based on the ISO-standards. 

It is normal that over time the solvents in wax polishes evaporate which can cause the texture of the polish to change. This makes the polish drier and might even cause cracks on the surface. This does not affect the polishing and nourishing qualities of the polish since all the precious waxes remain and only the texture changes. However, if you prefer your wax to be softer, Saphir have introduced the plant-based Wax Softener.

Both the BDC and MDO Oily Leather products are produced by Saphir and are designed to condition and recolour oiled leathers without changing the look and feel. The product is lightly pigmented and will not drastically change the colour, but will fill in any scuffs or scratches. If in doubt, the neutral is the best option.

The main difference between the two products is the consistency; the MDO Oiled Cream is cream-based and has a slightly stronger pigment whereas the BDC Oiled Leather Lotion has a thinner, lotion base. Both products are available in the standard black,neutral, dark brown and medium brown. 

Saddle soap is a surface cleaner. When using, you generate a generous lather using the sponge supplied and apply to the leather. Gentle friction will remove surface grime, but may not remove all waxes or polishes that have been used. Dirty soap and excess bubbles can be removed with a damp cloth. Always allow the leather to dry before proceeding with your routine. Saddle soap can be used as needed.

Reno'mat is a more aggressive cleaner that is used to remove product build-up that occurs with regular maintenance. It is more effective if a surface clean has been done prior to application as this means less product is needed. It is applied to the shoe using a cloth and once the leather has been cleaned, the surface should be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove excess. This can be used 1-2 times a year and should always be followed up with a leather conditioner.

In addition to removing build-up, Reno-mat assists in opening the pores of the leather which allows the leather conditioner that follows to be absorbed more deeply instead of just sitting on the surface with minimal absorption. It is not a stripper so should not remove the finish of a shoe; however, this is dependent on the quality of the leather and the type of finish. Reno'mat is never recommended for cordovan, patent, oily, suede or chromexcel leathers as its ability to open the pores of the leather will physically change its appearance and is not reversible. 

It is not uncommon for leather that has been treated with Reno'mat to look a little dull but it can be returned to its original condition with reapplication of a leather conditioner followed on by a cream polish (and a wax polish if you like a gloss).

The main difference between the two dubbins is the Everest is made from 100% vegetable oils whereas the Graisse is made up of 15% mink and fish oil.  

Both products do the same thing, however, the animal oils in the Graisse can darken lighter leathers. As the Everest is made from 100% vegetable oil, it is suitable on lighter leather and if applied lightly, should not permanently darken the leather.


When applying your leather care products, the method of application is up to you. I always use a cloth to apply the wax and polish, however, it does stain my fingers if I am working on a few pairs of shoes. Others use applicator brushes to prevent mess and less cream polish is used as it is not absorbed by the cloth.

Our brushes are made from horsehair or boar bristles. The difference between these two bristles is the stiffness/coarseness. As the boar bristle is stiffer, it will generate heat faster. This means the wax inside the polish is heated faster to produce a shine. But again, both brushes are of great quality and will achieve the same result.

After each polish, you should brush any excess polish onto a clean cloth. This works best if the polish has not dried. This is the most effective method of keeping your polishing brushes clean. It is relevant for all brush types.

If your brushes are more heavily stained, you can use mild soap/shampoo under warm water. Once the soap has been removed, brush against a clean cloth. Repeat this step until you achieve the result you are after. Once the bristles have been allowed to dry, they will clump up. Just make sure you loosen the bristles up before you use it again. This is not recommended often.

If all else fails, Reno'mat can be used to clean the brushes using the above method in lieu of soap. This should only be done in emergencies.  

Soap/shampoo or Reno’mat is not recommended for horsehair brushes. The above method is suitable for boar bristle brushes only.

Horsehair should only be cleaned by brushing against a cloth. If wet and the bristles are scrubbed, you will lose the softness and natural texture of the bristles. 

Straight away. Leather maintenance is a preventative strategy that will prolong the life of your leather products. When the damage is excessive, no matter how great the product is, you will not be able to change it back to its undamaged state.

1. If the existing polish is relatively worn down, the first option is the saddle soap. It is gentle enough it can be used several times throughout the year.

2. The renovateur is also suitable if there is minimal build-up of polish. As this product is recommended prior to applying cream polish, it does contain some ingredients that open the pores of the leather in order for the cream polish to be absorbed further into the leather. Because of this, it can be used as a cleaner.

3. Where there is excessive build-up, Reno'mat is recommended. This is one of the strongest leather cleaners available in the Saphir range. It will not remove the dye from the leather but will remove any products applied to the top leaving a matte finish.

There are 3 main reasons why a shoe tree should be used.

 1.     They help your shoes keep their shape and avoid creasing of the leather.

2.    Some shoe trees will absorb any moisture in shoes and will fight odours.

3.    Shoe trees give your shoe more stability while you polish and clean your footwear.

With the shoe trees, ideally you should be aiming for one that is snug enough to remove any creases without over stretching the leather. As each make of shoe can be slightly different, I would recommend measuring the inside of the shoes to determine what size would be best. Especially, if the shoes have been worn to accommodate any loosening of the leather.

Shoe horns allow you to preserve the shape of the heel while effortlessly slipping your feet into any type of shoe.

Shoe horns also allow people with mobility issues to get their shoes on more easily.

Strupai laces are made of very tightly braided cotton that is treated with a wax coating to give it a light shine, which makes it flexible and strong. Unlike ordinary laces, waxed laces, last longer and are more water resistant, ensuring you get durable, good looking laces for longer. 

2-3 eyelets – 60cm

4-5 eyelets – 75cm

6-8 eyelets – 85cm

9-10 eyelets – 105cm

When in doubt, it is better to measure your old shoelaces for greater accuracy. If you are trying to decide between two shoelace lengths, opt for the longer one.

When looking after Cordovan leather, we do not want to open the leathers pores by using the incorrect product as it will change the appearance/texture of the cordovan.

The Cordovan Cream has been specially formulated without turpentine and double the pigment amount. 

You will find a lot of differing opinions on water and leather. Some will say it is the bane of leather while others will swear it does not hurt it. I have cleaned several shoes with just water, saddle soap and Reno'mat with no adverse effects. So long as the entire shoe is cleaned at the same time and allowed to dry, there should not be any watermarks left behind.

If you plan to remove the watermarks on your shoes, you can always attempt to use plain water first. If this is not effective, I would recommend saddle soap for a little extra strength.

Using a damp sponge or cloth, gently rub around the area with the stain. You are essentially trying to wet the entire panel that was wet so that it will dry uniformly. The watermark is simply a spot that has dried alone and stands out, so you want to expand the wet area. Use slightly less water as you move away from the stain.

Leather has its own natural oil which can be dried out by shoes regularly going from wet to dry. So, once a watermark has been removed and the leather dried, it is important to treat the leather with a leather conditioner.


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