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Cedar Shoe Tree

Maintain the shape of your shoes and make cleaning and polishing easy by adding a pair of Saphir Beauté Du Cuir Sold Cedar Shoe Trees to your accessory collection. Each shoe tree is cut from the bi-colour section of the cedar tree and made of one solid piece for optimal performance every time you use it.

In addition to helping to maintain the natural shape of your shoes, these shoe trees are excellent at absorbing odours and moisture – which means a fresher look and feel each time you treat your favourite shoes and put them on your feet.

These shoe trees are cut rather on the large size, so we recommend you choose one size smaller than your usual size.

Indicative sizing in cm (width / length) after inserting them (springs compressed):

- EU 37 = 7.7 cm (width) / 22.5 cm (length) 
- EU 38 = 7.9 cm (width) / 23.5 cm (length)
- EU 39 = 8.0 cm (width) / 24.5 cm (length)
- EU 40 = 8.2 cm (width) / 25.5 cm (length)
- EU 41 = 8.4 cm (width) / 26.0 cm (length)
- EU 42 = 8.5 cm (width) / 26.5 cm (length)
- EU 43 = 8.6 cm (width) / 27.5 cm (length)
- EU 44 = 8.8 cm (width) / 29.0 cm (length)
- EU 45 = 9.2 cm (width) / 29.5 cm (length) 
- EU 46 = 9.5 cm (width) / 30.5 cm (length)

Customer Reviews

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John Allerton
I ordered the wrong size

I ordered EU Size 45, when my shoe size is UK Size 11. The shoe trees were good quality, which included a strong cedar smell. I liked the brass nob above the heel, which I think is better than the ring that Saphir shoe trees have.

Ragu Nathan

Cedar Shoe Tree

Gordon Evans
Five star

I like shoe tree to the job in field I in it is over the moon


Super fast delivery and high quality product. Thanks again

Joseph Murphy
Excellent store

The products are outstanding, and bootblack have a really good range of colours - the mahogany cream polish has really improved the look of my horsebit loafers. It was also really nice that they refunded a portion of the order to help other local Aussie businesses - which I did :)