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Free shipping on all orders over $100


Which brown polish should I use?

I get a lot of requests asking which brown people should use but it really comes down to what kind of effect you want to achieve with your shoes.  A fantastic benefit of the Saphir Pommadiers is their ability to add colour and depth without changing the natural colour of the shoe. Thin coats of the polish allow you to control the coverage and achieve a perfect finish.

The simplest option is neutral which will renew your leather and bring out the natural colour. Otherwise, we offer the Saphir Colour Chart and will happily order any colour from the Crème Surfine range. 

The following are our list of browns (in order of darkness) and their colour tones:

  • Light Brown #03 - light, neutral brown, subtle hints of yellow/orange.
  • Cognac #10 - light to medium brown, hints of butter/chestnut.
  • Medium Brown #37 - a true medium brown, very neutral, bark tones.
  • Havana #34 - medium brown, hints of bark/tobacco. No butter or yellow/orange tones.
  • Dark Brown #05 - very strong dark brown, hints of motor oil/black.
  • Parisian Brown #910 - a medium brown, with red-brown/burgundy tones.




It is almost impossible to mess up a pair of shoes because of badly matched shoe polish. If a shoe polish does not give you the result you had in mind you can always remove it using Saphir Renomat. If you really are not sure which colour to choose or you do not want to buy a colour of shoe cream for every pair of shoes you can always go for a neutral, colourless shoe polish. 

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