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Supplier Spotlight: Abbeyhorn England

Abbeyhorn England create some of the world’s most beautiful handcrafted shoe brushes and shoe horns from their facility in Holme, in the scenic Lake District of Cumbria, England. 

Their intricately designed pieces are as functional as they are intriguing, with a unique design for every single item. No two pieces produced are the same with the colours ranging from light, medium to dark.

Abbeyhorn England Colour Samples

Abbeyhorn have a history of making distinctive and functional horn art that goes back two and a half centuries to 1749 when the horn works were established in Bewdley by the Humpherson family.

Abbeyhorn products are designed to be sturdy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing at once. Working with natural, organic materials like animal horn and bone creates a unique multilayered effect of bringing useful functionality and beauty out of meat industry by-products.

The high-quality horn supply Abbeyhorn utilise comes from West African Ankole cows, as a by-product of the Nigerian meat industry. They also make use of Antlers and Deer Bone from Scottish Red Deer, cow bone from China, Buffalo Horn from India and China, and Rams Horns sourced locally in Cumbria.

All craft items are made from ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable resources. Over the course of their long history, Abbeyhorn has learnt to value people and the environment over the bottom line, and so they consistently apply environmentally friendly principles in sourcing and creating their items. 

Check out the great range of Abbeyhorn England products here!

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