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Emergency Shoe Repair For A Friend In Need

The benefit of owning such fantastic products means friends and family are constantly hitting us up for repairs. I finally decided to document the process for the last repair.

My husband’s cousin had a wedding he needed to attend but his shoes were most definitely not in a presentable condition. Instead of a mad rush to purchase new shoes, we were able to add new life with just a few products.

Products Used:

The Process:

1. Firstly, I needed to strip off all the old polish and give the leather a deep clean. I used a polishing cloth to apply the Reno’Mat in small sections at a time. The cedar shoe trees help the shoe maintain its shape during the cleaning process.


Emergency shoe repair for a friend in need


2. Next, we apply the Saphir Renovateur which is a fantastic multi-use product. It provides a milder clean than the Reno’Mat, as well as reintroducing moisture to dried and cracked leather.

Using the polishing cloth again, I applied the product in small sections. It is best to wait at least 5 minutes after application to allow the Renovateur to soak into the leather. When time was up, excess Renovateur was removed using a polishing brush.


Emergency shoe repair for a friend in need


3. The next step was the Pommadier Cream Polish in Cognac 10. Cream polishes are fantastic as they further condition, add colour and build a protective wax finish. The Saphir Medaille d’Or range has 14 colours to choose from. The exact match for this shoe was the Light Brown, however, I went with Cognac to provide depth and a richer tone to the shoe.

A small amount of Pommadier is applied to the shoe using a Pommadier Brush. These brushes have been made specifically for use with jars as the longer bristles make it easier to still get to the crème as the levels drop.


Emergency shoe repair for a friend in need


After waiting 5 minutes, I used a boar bristle Polishing Brush to remove the excess and start building up the shine.


Emergency shoe repair for a friend in need


This process was repeated twice, however depending on the result you want to achieve, you can apply more coats of cream polish.


Emergency shoe repair for a friend in need
Emergency shoe repair for a friend in need


4. The final step, adding Flat Waxed Laces in Dark Brown. Definitely an improvement from the old frayed ones he was using.


Emergency shoe repair for a friend in need


Now, all I had to do was repeat the above to the other shoe!


Interested in the products I used? Here they are.

2 Responses

Andrew Zindilis

Andrew Zindilis

August 16, 2020

Very Informative thank you



January 13, 2019

Hi Team,
I have a pair of dark brown leather formal shoes and require some polish and scuff repair, do you have a product that will no doubt revitalise the colour and slight scuff marks? I’ve looked around the market and I’m not interested in applying a cheaper entry level product to these shoes.

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